Falls Music School is fantastic. I love that they offer lessons for adults as well as children. My 18 year old was new to piano lessons, and the teacher was able to create beginner lessons geared toward a teen. He is learning quickly and greatly enjoys it. It's a great school.

— Melanie P., Cuyahoga Falls

Our Approach

At Falls Music School, our approach is completely centered around personalization. 


It is extremely important to us for our students to learn the fundamentals they need to learn to become strong and well-rounded musicians, but we teach these based on how the student best likes to learn. Everyone learns differently, so all of our teachers come up with their own approach to best serve each individual.

Our teachers will also personalize lesson plans based on each student's specific goals or interests. Our goal is to make more musicians in the world, and neglecting a student's  visions of the type of musician they want to be does not fit this goal.  Regardless of style, genre, age, or skill level, we can help you.


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