A Simple but Powerful Guitar Exercise

It goes by many names. Some call it the “1-2-3-4 exercise”, some call it “crawl ups” some may just call it noodling. Whatever you decide to call it, however, this exercise is extremely powerful, and often overlooked. I start out all of my students with this exercise (I call it the 1-2-3-4 in case you were wondering). The guitar is a tough instrument to even start making pleasant sounds on, so this exercise can really help each of our fingers get used to how the guitar feels, and how to make good sounding notes. Essentially, you just pick a position and play a note with each of your fingers starting on any fret with your 1st finger, and then just ascend one fret at a time using your 2nd, 3r

Eliminating Practice Overload

We’ve all had that feeling while practicing something new where we feel like we are operating at max capacity. This is especially true for when you’re doing a completely new technique. What’s tough is that when you’re a fresh beginner, almost everything is a new technique, so frustration levels can also be at max capacity. Most of the time, our brains feels as though they are at max capacity because they essentially are. When it has a multitude of things to keep track of, and each of those things take a lot of concentration, it’s inevitable that it will be tough to keep track of everything. For some reason, music can have this tradition where you just hammer away at it until it becomes ea

Finding Your Heroes

There is no doubt that as an artist, it is crucial to actively try to pave your own way. Originality and individualism is vital in all forms or art. However, because of this, I have found this growing trend that almost shames people for having idols and people to look up to. In contrast, another trend that I have discovered among my best and most dedicated students has been that every one of them has some type of idol that they’re looking up to. In my opinion, having some type of musical idol is vital for the growth and development of a student. Yes, we want to one day be our own musicians, but having these people to look up to can be one of the biggest reasons to repeatedly go back and p

Jam Session-April 2015

The idea behind these Jam Session books is to foster creativity among all Falls Music students as well as bring them together into one big learning community. Students get a sense of accomplishment from seeing their creative ideas written out, but they can also learn ideas from other students of all ages and styles that they may normally not have any connection with. We are very excited to share some of the creative ideas our students have put together for this past month, and even more excited to see how awesome this will be as it grows! Please share with family and friends! Download the PDF here!

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