How The Internet Has Changed How We Can Learn Music

The internet has changed pretty much everything and the ability to learn music definitely hasn’t avoided its reach. A lot of teachers actually reject the idea of their students learning things online, but, while there are some disadvantages, I think it is overall an amazing tool. To be honest, I think teachers who reject their students using the internet to supplement their musical education are just afraid of losing their job. I welcome it. I use it alongside my normal instruction and have had great success with doing so. Here are some ways that you can use the internet to further your musical pursuits, along with some tips and things to watch out for. Online Lessons: The most obvious thin

How Different Types of Musicians Would Bake A Cake

I was talking with a student of mine, who just so happens to be 89 years old, about the blues. She loves playing the blues (which is very fun to teach an 89 year old, by the way) and got excited when she realized she could add a few notes to the original simple blues shuffle I had shown her to “spice it up.” She then said something that I thought was so cool. She said “it’s just like how I make cakes. I’m always trying to throw in new ingredients or try something new. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes it’s bad, but it’s always fun.” This really struck a chord with me. It made me think of how a lot of different types of people approach different types of music. This seems especially t

Pedagogy and Products September 18, 2015

Now that the school year has gotten fully underway, students and perhaps teachers alike have a list of recommended reading. Students will be reading these books with the intention of later writing book reports, while teachers are reading to keep up on the latest trends in education and requirements of the new Core curriculum. Once in a while, however, it’s nice to have a second list of books--which while they may be informative and related to core subject matter—are lighter and less weighty in their treatment of said subject matter, falling more into the category of pleasure reading. This week’s column has a few suggestions which you might want to add to this second reading list, so pick up

Do you suffer from BGS?

There is a condition, that as a guitar teacher, I see way too often. This condition is an affliction that can hinder students from a lot of common goals, like starting a band, jamming with friends, or performing original songs. This is a disease called Bedroom Guitar Syndrome, and it is steadily becoming one of the most common and debilitating things to the guitarists of the world. Ok. Maybe I’m being a little extreme here, but Bedroom Guitar Syndrome is definitely something that I see way too often, and it does present a lot of problems to beginning and experienced guitarists alike. So what is BGS, and what can we do to cure it? Put simply, BGS is exactly what you’d expect to be. All o

Pedagogy and Products September 11, 2015

This week’s post is all about the science and benefits of listening. We’ll cover both new technologies for hearing your favorite music as well as the educational perks to be gained from being a good listener. As always, just click on the links to read the full articles or get more information about the products mentioned. Better sound with more bass. For excellence in sound quality as well as enhanced bass check out the new Sound Isolating™ Model SE215 earphones from Shure. Features of these mighty mini earbud-style headphones include Single Dynamic MicroDriver and detachable cables with formable wire for easy replacement and a comfortable and secure fit both on-stage and off. Sound isolatin

Kanye or Beethoven? Musicians Who Loved Talking About Their Greatness

There is no denying that through history, there have been arists who totally reshaped the world with their craft. There is also no denying, that many of these artists knew just how awesome they were, and they weren't afraid to let other people know. This has been going on since people started writing down what musicians had to say. We know a lot of the things some of the modern artists like to say, thanks to all of the different forms of media we are exposed to, but I thought it might be fun to travel back in time, and see what some of the old school guys had to say about themselves. So here is a collection of egoism from some of history's finest. See if you can imagine Yeezy saying the

Pedagogy and Products September 4, 2015

Ready to Learn. It’s that time of year again. Music teachers around the country are gathering children together to let them try their hand at various band instruments in order to figure out just which one will not only spark their interest, but fit their abilities as budding musicians. However, deciding which instrument your young musician is going to take up is just the first step in the process. In order to facilitate learning there are several accessories you will need to purchase to help ensure success. Thanks to the editors of Making Music Magazine, however, an article in the September/October issue entitled “6 Must-Haves for Back to School Music Lessons,” is packed with tips on just w

Jam Session August, 2015

Here we are with another collection of our students' creativity! This one has a pretty wide array of styles. We have everything from some nice and mellow acoustic arpeggio runs, to Hendrix inspired sounds, to exotic metal riffs. This is part of what makes teaching music so fun! To check out this month's Jam Session, click here. As always, to stay up to date with these, and other blog posts at Falls Music School, you can subscribe below, or by clicking here. We like to share other content from other sites as well! If you want even more music related content,. be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. Happy Practicing! Mike Lowden Guitar Instru

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