How Much Does Getting Involved In Your Child's Lessons Help? Tons.

“What does it take to make my child a better practicer, and musician overall?” This is a question on a lot of minds of parents with their kids in lessons. When you’re a music teacher, your job is to find ways to make the best musicians you can. This means that not only do you work with individual students, but you look for trends that seem to make a difference across the board. One that I have noticed, and I’m sure all music teachers have noticed is one that is right under the parents’ noses. Everyday I see more and more that parents who try to be as involved in their child’s lessons as possible always makes for a better student. Yes, a good music teacher not only teaches their students

Jam Session October, 2015

Here's our newest Jam Session! We have everything from blues, to punk, to jazz in this one! Great job to all of the students who came up with these ideas last month! Check it out by clicking here.

A Lesson On Thievery By Pablo Picasso

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” I think it’s safe to assume a lot of people have probably heard this quote. Most people just give it a little chuckle and move on. I think that there’s actually a lot of profundity to this quote, however, and a lot of people seem to overlook it. This quote can teach us a lot, especially if we consider who had said it: Pablo Picasso. I’ve written other posts about this before, but learning any form of art by imitating the artists you admire is a process that all of the greats went through. As musicians, especially, we learn a lot by becoming little mini clones of the players we like. We digest their style into our own and mix it together with all of

What is "Practice Purgatory" and How Do We Get Through It?

There’s a particular place a lot of students end up in that I’m sure a lot of music teachers know all too well. I’ve always called it “Practice Purgatory” and if there’s a time a student will drop off, this is usually the time. It’s a time that can be frustrating for the parents, teachers, and especially the students. So what is it Practice Purgatory, and how do we prevent it, or at least get past it if we’re already stuck in it? Practice Purgatory is the difficult spot in a student’s growth early on, usually within the first few months of learning. It can rear its ugly head again later on as well, however. Basically, the student is stuck. They have gone as far as they can go with their cu

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