The Three Ts of a Great Musician

It’s a bit of a tough question, but one that I get asked a lot: What should we work on to become the best musicians possible? There are an INCREDIBLE amount of things that I could answer this question with, and these things could also vary greatly depending on what type of musician someone is trying to be. To be honest, I’m often tempted to try and avoid the question completely, but it’s asked so frequently it’s something to consider. I think no matter how hard you try, there’s no real way to avoid answering this without then immediately thinking of new things to add. There’s also no real way to make it into a one-size fits all answer. So, I decided to think about things in three categor

What Are The Requirements For "Good" Technique?

Technique is a word you hear thrown out pretty much every day when you’re involved in any sort of art, but what does it really mean? The term can have a lot of blurry lines surrounding it. It honestly used to be a bit easier. Back in the classical days, there was often one “correct” way to do things, and when you were a musician or artist, your whole goal was to get as great and consistent at that one technique as you possibly could. As art moved forward, and what constituted art changed, this of course meant that we had new techniques to create this new art. Just look at the different brush stroke technique from Renaissance paintings to Impressionist paintings, for example, or classical g

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